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Lisa is a mother to 3 daughters and grandmother to 4 grandchildren. She has been married to Randy since April, 1980.

Liberty for Lisa

Liberty for Lisa

One of the best days of my life happened on Nov. 11 2015.

Randy and I got started in a business called Life Leadership. We were so excited abought the business being able to get me out of my job and home with Randy to be his business partner. We set our goal for April 18, 2015. But we missed that goal, but I was not upset because I saw the baby steps that we were making to get me out of my job. So we set another goal for Sept. But again we missed that goal too. But I still wasn’t upset because I kept seeing the baby steps to our goal. At least we were making goals and seeing forward progress. So we decided that we would set a goal for March for me to retire from my job.

In Oct. Randy went to our business major while I stayed back to help his mom. While Randy was there the business rolled out the Life 2.0 and WOW was that great. Randy looked over all the new numbers and called me and told me that I did not have to go back to work ever again. I was so excited and nervous. However, I felt like I needed to at least give a 2 week notice and not just never show up at work again. So the end of Oct. I handed in my 2 weeks’ notice and was able to retire on Nov. 11 2015. That was a Wednesday and I was excited all day at work, knowing it was my last day. At the end of the day my wonderful husband Randy came to the back where I worked in a Tuxedo with a large bouquet of peach flowers because peach was our wedding colors. He walked me out of the store and while we were walking to the door a lot of the cashiers started clapping for me, I felt so honored to have so many co-workers happy for me. I had so many of our business partners there with signs and videotaping my exit out of Walmart.

I am so blessed to be part of this great business of Life Leadership where everyone becomes your family and helps you see your dreams and helps you to fulfill those dreams.

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